1 ms sqrLaw detection of 1350,1290 radars


     The 1290 and 1350 Mhz radars were square law detected with a 1 ms time constant (500 usec sampling) with the lbw receiver (polA) . 5 Mhz IF filters were placed about each radar. At the same time 5 Mhz centered at 1415 Mhz was sampled. The telescope was stationary at az=300, za=18 deg.  The goal was to see any saturation of the 1415 Mhz band if we integrated the radar pulses over 1 millisecond (the pulse duration's are 5 usecs).
    The radars rotate with a 12 second period. The plots show the  radars as their beams sweep through the observatory direction. There are a total of 10 rotations (120 seconds). The compression of the system with a 1 millisec time constant is small. It is interesting that both of the radars are drifting relative to a 12 second rotation period. Either i screwed up on the sampling or they are being driven off of the power grid and the frequency is not exactly 60 hz.
processing: x101/030429/rdrs1ms_29apr03.pro