Claro cell phone problems in Utuado


    The engineer for claro phone company contacted AO on 06may14 reporting a problem that they were having with 5 cell phone tower sites in Utuado.  The problem started around 21apr14. He wondered if we had seen anything different in that frequency range starting on 21apr14.  The problem was with the uplink bands:
    This is the same engineer who helped us when we were searching for the 430  Mhz problem a few weeks back (it ended up having nothing to do with Claro).

    I looked at the rfi hilltop monitoring system to see if anything unusual appeared around 21 apr 14.

System description of the hilltop monitor system:

The two dynamic spectra show power vs time for 15apr14 ->07may14

The second set of plots shows the total power in each of the  2 uplink bands vs time (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/140507/

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