AC units on top of buildings I,II



    New ac units were installed in buildings I and II sometime in 2011 (need exact dates). There are control units in the AC room (adjacent to the computer room in building one). There are also units (with compressors) on the roof of building I (two units Lenox) and one unit atop building II (need brand). The control units inside building 1 were put inside huffman boxes. The units on the roff are enclosed in aluminum enclosures with doors for access.
    Inside the roof aluminum unit there is what looks like a computer in a plastic enclosure (about 100 wires coming in/out). This unit is most likely the unit that communicates with the controllers down in the AC room. There is also a printed circuit board mounted in the aluminum box. Tests showed that most of the rfi comes from the "cpu" inside the roof enclosure.