punta salinas rfi 02nov11


      A2130 (galfacts) reported strong rfi (lots of overflows from the mock spectrometer) on the evening of 02nov11.  The punta salinas frequency agile radar was running in all frequencies until about 20:00 ast (it then changed to mode A 4 frequency mode). After the mode switch, the users reported still having some trouble with rfi (although less than before the radar moved to mode A).

A2130 used the mock spectrometers with 172 MHz bw, 4096 channels, 1 millisecond full stokes dumps.

    Data from 22:35 ast was used to check the spectra.

The dynamic spectra shows one record of data (600 ms) (.gif):
The punta salinas radar blanks their transmitter when it points at the observatory. 65 seconds of data (1 file) was checked to see that the  blanking was still aligned with the direction of the observatory.
The plots show the total power vs time for the 4 punta salinas mode A frequencies (.ps) (.pdf):

600 milliseconds of data was used to verify that the intermods (seen in the dynamic spectra) are actually coming from the punta salinas transmitter.
The plots show the total power vs time for the punta salinas radar and the intermods (.ps) (.pdf)
I looked at the number of mock overflows a2130 has had in its previous sessions:

The plot shows the number of mock overflows by observing session (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/111102/puntasal.pro