lbw 1200 MHz tone



    Project a2761 reported a narrow band rfi spike at 1200 MHz. Looking back through the data from "the fractional occurrence of rfi seen through the telescope", it looks like this birdie has been present since at least 2001. 

01apr13: a2761 position switching: 

  a2761 did 300 second on,off position switching using the wapps. 

The power from the channel with the 1200MHz tone was plotted for the position on and position off (.ps) (.pdf):

The tone is coming in through the horn since the tone amplitude for the on Position and off position overlay each other.

07may13: high resolution spectra of the tone:

    On 07may13 time domain data was taken with the mock spectrometers to try and resolve the tone. The setup was:

At 20 second stretch of data was transformed and the spectral density computed. This gave .05 Hz resolution
The plots show the tone using  the time domain data (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/130509/,

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