Gps L3 test dec06


There was a scheduled test of the GPS L3 communications band on: During this period, project a2010 took spectral line data from 19:30 to 22:30 (AST) on 06dec06. The observation used: The plots show the gps L3 occurrence in the data.

The first plot   averages 1 MHz of data about 1381.04 Mhz (.ps)   (.pdf)  (this is the center of the GPS L3 signal). Each point is a 1 second average. A 2nd order baseline was removed from each 1 second 4 Mhz sample before computing powers or baselines.

Dynamic spectra of the first 600 seconds (.gif): 11 second averaged spectra (.ps) (.pdf):
Processing: x101/070206/

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