GPS L3 interference  jul16


    Project a2048 uses the alfa receiver in drift scan mode. It normally takes 1200 1 second records/scan, and then moves on to repeat the drift over the same source.
    I took the data from jul16 to check on how often gps L3 (1381.05 MHz) was appearing in the data.

Processing the data:

The plots show the processing steps (.pdf) (2.9 Mbytes)

Images and histograms of the month:

   There were 78 scans for the month. 76 of these were 1200 seconds long. For each 1200 secs scan an image was made  covering 1200 secs,  +/- 2 MHz about the gps L3 frequency

A mosaic was made of 76 1200  scans (.png)

Bar chart  of the rfi by scan (.png)



Processing: x101/160817/

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