Gps L3 in a2010 data 27sep10


        on 27sep10 (22:30ast) 2010 complained that gps l3 was on for an extended period of time:
the images show the dynamic spectra for files  wapp.20100927.a2010.0031,32,33.fits
dynamic spectra file .0031 start 22:36:38 ast (.gif)
dynamic spectra file .0032 start 22:46:44 ast (.gif)
dynamic spectra file .0033 start 22:56:51 ast (.gif)
The next plot shows the position (relative to Arecibo's source az,za) of the gps constellation during this time (.ps) (.pdf)
the final plots shows the angular distance between svn15 and the pointing direction of the telescope (.ps) (.pdf):

Processing: x101/100927/

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