Gps L3 in a2010 data jan09-mar09


        The a2010 data from jan09 thru mar09 was searched for some examples of the gps l3 signal.
A2010 has taken 1596  600 second scans (260 Mb each) in the first 3 months of 2009.
The search consisted of:

Data taking:

    a2010 uses the following setup:

Data processing:

The strongest signal 20jan09.

dynamic spectra 20jan09 (.gif):
individual spectra/peak power for 20jan098 (.ps) (.pdf):

Other days with strong signals:

    This shows some of the other days that had interesting gps l3 signals. They are not uniformily spaced in time because a2010 did not take data very often in mar09.

Dynamic spectra for the scans:
peak power at 1381 vs time for the 11 scans (.ps) (.pdf):

Processing: x101/080408/

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