Cell Phone Detector birdie at 1548 Mhz




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A new cell phone detector was purchased for the visitor center. We swept the detector in the screened room and found the largest birdie to be at 1548 Mhz. On 08nov06 we tested the detector using the telescope.

Measurements   top

The cell phone detector was placed in the parking lot adjacent to the control room. The az, za position was set to 336,19. Lband wide was used to take the data. Two bands were centered at 1548 Mhz. The 12.5 Mhz band had 12.5 KHz resolution and the 390 KHz band haf 390 Hz resolution. Data was dumped once a second for 500 seconds. During the recording, the cell phone detector was turned off and then turned back on so we could see the birdie come and go.
The plots show the results of the measurements:

Conclusions  top

The new cell phone detector has a birdie at 1548 Mhz that can be seen in the lbw receiver when the cell phone detector is in the parking lot adjacent to the control room. The birdie strength is 15 Times Tsys in a 390 Hz channel width. If the cell phone detector is to be used at the visitors center, it needs to be put in a shielded box.
Processing: x101/061108/rfi.pro
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