Road trip to HQ tower.. Below 5150 Rfi

last updated 20jan16


    The U-NII band is an unlicensed band that starts at 5150 MHz. Many internet providers use this band to provide internet access.
Chris salter and tapasi have been reporting (.. for many months) illegal interference below 5150 MHz.


The road trip

     We took the anritsu spectrum analyzer and the cband (5GHz) and sband (2380MHz)  helix antennas.  This page describes the cband results (find sband results here..)

 We made 2 stops before arriving at the towers:

Radio Redentor Emissions:

The first plots show the 5 GHz rfi from the RadioRedentor tower direction (.ps) (.pdf):
We met some people from (787 487-6466.. used to be ViVinet) working on the tower while we were at the RadioRedentor tower.

    We need to coordinate turning off the 4net and dmWireless 5 GHz xmiters while monitoring the tower to see if it is them..

It is interesting to note that we've had trouble with ViVinet (old name for KSXpressnet) and 4net before..

5 GHz rfi coming from yiyi avila's tower

    looking for 5 GHz rfi when looking at yiyi's tower
The 2nd  plot shows the 5 GHz rfi when pointing at yiyi's tower from colmado torres (.ps) (.pdf)



processing: x101/160119/

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