cb (5-6 ghz) az swings 28aug12

last updated 06apr13

      Azimuth swings were done with the cband receiver on 28aug12.
The setup was:
The data processing for each box:

Dynamic spectra:

The images show the dynamic spectra for the Clockwise (CW) and counter clockwise (CCW) az swings for each 172 MHz band.

CW swing
CCW swing
5074MHz 5074MHz
5224MHz 5224MHz
5374MHz 5374MHz
5524MHz 5524MHz
5674MHz 5674MHz
5824MHz 5824MHz
5974MHz 5974MHz

Notes on the dynamic spectra:

Birdie power vs azimuth.

    Birdies were identified by looking at the dynamic spectra. The avg power over the birdie bandwidth was computed and then plotted vs azimuth. The clockwise and counter clockwise swings were over plotted to see if the birdies repeated in azimuth (for this to happen then need to be stable in time).

(Coming soon)

processing: x101/120828/cb_azswing/doall.pro

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