Correlate pitch, roll with coma.


     The coma parameter from the calibration fits (atoms 2000-05) was plotted verus the pitch, roll error for the cband data for sep01 through jan02. The plots show the correlation.
  1. Top. The amplitude of the pitch,roll error added in quadrature is plotted versus the coma parameter. There is a definite correlation
  2. Bottom. Points with coma > .05 and pitch+roll > .005 were selected and then the pitch /roll angle was plotted versus the coma angle. Both angles are measured relative to the feed with zero being to the right when looking uphill. The pitch,roll angle is defined to measure the maximum distance (height) from the dish. This maps into the normal pitch, roll definition as : 0deg negRoll, 90 deg PosPitch,180 PosRoll, 270 negPitch.
The correlation can also be seen at sband.
processing: x101/cb/