14jun12: glitches gone with bias mon off


      The alfa dewar monitoring was causing glitches in the receiver. They would show up as multiples of 20 Hz in the p2030 data.
    On 14jun12 a test was done to see if the glitches would go away if we stopped reading the bias values, or we had to stop all alfa mon reads (temperature, cals, etc.) to get rid of the glitches. The setup was:

The data processing included:

The plots show the results of the test:

total power spectra with bias mon off and all monitoring off
Spectra bandwidth
Bias Reading off
all readings off
500 Hz bandwidth
(.ps) (.pdf)
(.ps)  (.pdf)
50 Hz bandwidth
(.ps) (.pdf)
(.ps) (.pdf)
5 Hz bandwidth
(.ps) (.pdf) (.ps) (.pdf)


These can be compared to the plots taken with the bias monitoring on (from 24may12)

Total power spectra all monitoring on (24may12)
spectral bandwidth
all monitoring on
100 Hz
(.ps)   (.pdf)
5 Hz
(.ps)   (.pdf)


processing:: x101/120614/alfabirdies_xx.pro