receiver shutters/protection


the shutters, loads
computer protection commands:
dual beam enable protection
Normal procedures

The shutters, loads:

    We have shutter/receiver protection to protect the receivers when we transmit with one of our transmitters (sband,430, hf). They are remotely controlled by the shutter command (issued from vxWorks). The  protection can be grouped into:


Computer protection commands:

shutter command
gr430protect command

The shutter command

    This is a procedure that issues vxWorks commands. You enter this at the vw% prompt
helpdt shutter will give:

shutter - open,close, or query the receiver/radar shutters

    shutter               .. query the current state
    shutter {o}pen        .. open  the receiver (sbw,cband) shutter
    shutter {c}lose       .. close the receiver (sbw,cband) shutter
    shutter {rdr}open     .. open  the radar    (sb narrow)  shutter
    shutter {rdrc}lose    .. close the radar    (sb narrow)  shutter

    Open, close, or query the receiver shutters. These shutters are
used to protect the receivers from our transmitters. The sband wide an
cband shutters open/close together. The sband narrow receiver shutter
open/closes with the rdropen, rdrclose requests.  You only have to
type in what is in { }  (but don't enter the {}.
shutter with no arguments will list the current state.
This routine calls if1 with the keywords to manipulate the shutter.

shutter            .. query current state
  current setting: cb,sbw: closed  sbradar:closed
            usage: shutter open close rdropen rdrclose

shutter open        .. open the cband, sband wide shutters.
shutter rdrclose    .. close the sband narrow shutter.

SEE ALSO:if1, sbsh
LASTMOD :shutter        :09mar00


    This vxWorks command is used to protect the other dome receivers when the 430 xmiter is used. it will:

If you are using 430 dual beam, then the last 2 steps will be overridden when you setup the gr430 receiver:
Warning:: if you setup the gr430 receiver (ifsetup) and then enter gr430protect, then you will undo the gr430 setup.. and will have to do it overagain.

Dual beam enable. Shutters closed, 430gr on load/ant switch

    When the 430 dome is being used, we want to close all shutters, but leave the 430 dome receiver under control of the  ch load/antenna switch (above the oscilloscopes in receiver room). The  steps below are part of the standard dual beam setup. It is also done when we test the hf xmiter using the 430 receiver. 

Enabling dual beam protection.

Undoing dual beam protection

Normal procedures:

430 xmiter single beam

430 xmiter dual beam

Sband transmitter

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