Lbw upstairs iflo  cable check


The setup
The test results

25 Mhz total power during the tests (.ps) (.pdf)

The setup (top)

    People have been having baseline problems with lbw polB.  On 26oct06 and 27oct06 we tested the cables in the upstairs if/lo that lbw used. We tapped on cables/chassis to see if vibrations changed the signal strength. We also loosened cables by 1/2 of a turn to see how sensitive the power levels were. While the cables were being tested, the interim correlator was run with a 25 Mhz bandwidth centered at 1405 Mhz. Data was dumped once a second. The identical data was sent to 4 subcorrelators.

lbw receiver components:  (top)

    The lbw receiver components up in the dome contain:

 The test results  (top)

On 26oct06 we started testing the cables on the lbw pol box, lbw filterbank. On 27oct06 we looked at the iflo rack standard chassis. The plots shows the 25 Mhz total power during the tests (.ps) (.pdf).  The black trace is polA, the red trace is polB

lbwPolBox to lbw (page 1)

lbw Filterbox1 to filterbox2 (page 2) 750 mixer chassis: (page 3):
    The 750 mixer chassis is in the iflo rack.

Conclusions:   (top)

processing: x101/061026/

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