Dewar monitoring

oct 2006

NOTE: 26feb15
              The rcvMNProg.c has been moved to linux (svn/aosoft/src/vwconvert/rcvmon/rcvMNProg.c). It is currently running on galfas2.
              I need to update the documentation below and move the doc from vxWorks to linux.


Block diagram:
Debugging the dewar monitoring
    rcvMNProg- program to control and read dewar monitor.
    Dewar monitoring daily plots (for the web)
    Monitoring the dewar temperatures in real time
    The platform ethernet monitor program

Block diagram: (top)

 The receiver dewars are outfitted with a monitoring system.  The  monitoring system consists of:

Debugging the dewar monitoring: (top)

    The dewar monitoring has had troubles in the past. This has mainly been caused by the communications between the rfip1 computer and the hp34970 device.

The symptoms:

Some symptoms of dewar monitoring problems:

Debugging details:

    Try the following when trying to debug the dewar monitoring. Note that all communications with the rfip1 computer need to be done from a computer that knows how to get there (eg observer2).

Software: (top)

The platform ethernet monitor program: (top)

History/Problems: (top)

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