rfi seen by callisto


220123: comb with 5.53 sec period when at 12meter site
220126: test rfi with trailer door open,closed at staging area.

220123: 5 sec rfi seen at 12meter site

    When callisto was on top of the control building at the 12meter site, a 5.53 sec comb was seen all the time in the spectra.
Data taken with callisto on 23jan22 10:45 to 11:45 UTC was used to show the comb.

The table has 4 dynamic spectra  15 minutes each showing the comb.

start of image (hh:mm:ss utc)

The plot shows some properties of the comb (.ps)   (.pdf)


processing : x101/210125/ecalrfi.pro

220126: test rfi with trailer door open,closed.

    The callisto system was moved to the staging area on 220125. The electronics was placed in and rfi tight trailer while the antenna was placed on the roof of the adjacent trailer.

    On 26jan22 we looked to see if the  callisto electronics was getting into the rf signal. The setup was:

The plots show the spectra with the door open and closed (.ps)  (.pdf)


processing: x101/220126/callisto_rfi_door.pro

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