Textronix sbt250 spectrum analyzer

aug, 2005

resolution bandwidth, temperature:

    The RBW is tied to the current span. You can find the RBW by clicking on setup ->edit. The RBW for the current span will be display.  The narrowest RBW is 100 Hz. A table of span versus RBW is:
100 Mhz 1 Mhz
10 Mhz 100Khz
5 Mhz 30 Khz
1 Mhz 10 Khz
100Khz 1 Khz
10 Khz 100 Hz

When nothing is plugged in Tsys is:

Storing traces so they can be read back:

    You can store a trace on the local disc in ascii. Offline you can read in the data and generate the x,y that was used for the original trace. This lets you computer process the data offline (rather than just having a screen dump plot to look at). The steps are:

Tektronics ybt250 manual (.pdf)

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