jun22 compare BmWidths CasA, CygnusA



      Crosses were done in jun22 after the s,x receiver was remounted on the telescope (following the  QRFH testing). This was to check the pointing and the telescope gain. CasA (3C461) and CygnusA( 3C405) were the main sources tracked.

     To check the telescope gain we needed the flux of these two sources. Perley & butler and Baars et al were used to compute the flux. We also needed  the source size to correct for an extended source.

    Chris salter's catalog has casA fwhm =5' while cygA was 96"/60" = 1.6 '.

When i used the correction: fwhmBm^2/(fwhmBm^2 + fwhmSrc^2)   the sefd for casA came out a lot lower than cygA (sefd page inp preparation).
To see what was going on:


The setup was:

Processing the data

Plotting the results:

    The plots show the  measured, computed beamwidths (.ps) (.pdf)


processing:  x101/220625/chkbmwidths_casa_cyga.pro
12meter page