230615: psr B0329+54 3 GHz obs.



    On 15jun23 a pulsar observation was done on B0320+54 using the 3GHz filter (wb3) of the cooled wide band receiver. The observations
showed lots of rfi/problems in polB.


Processing the data

Looking at the data:

Ben's pulsar processing:

 The first plots show ben's standard pulsar processing (.pdf)

The 1st 401 secs of data with idl

The first image shows the dynamic spectra   for the 1 second averaged data (.jpg)

The rms/mean by freq channel for each 1 second . (.jpg)

The amplitude of the rms/mean by freq channel is seen in the next 2 plots

The following images over plot the 2000 spectra in each second for seconds 297-299 :


processing: x101/230615/psrchk/psrchk.pro

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