221104: sband PolB saturates when cal signal removed



    On 02nov22 around 10am power to the cal fiber box in the 12meter pedestal was accidentally disconnected. The power was reconnected  on 04nov22 around 10am. During this period, the cal did not fire (no drive signal). Pulsar observations also showed a large amount of interference in the folded pulsar period. 


    I looked at the file sspsr.20221103.B0329+54.b0s1g0.00100.fits. This was the first dataf ile after the cal scan.
The setup was:

The data

dynamic spectra were made from the first 1 second of data (.2 ms sampling)

The plots look at the total power  vs time  for the first second of data (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/221104/sbnocal.pro

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