Solar attenuator



    When looking at the sun with xband, we found that the synth chassis of the udc was going into saturation.

    We installed swithable attenuators before the udc on 04apr22

    Whenever solar observations are done, software  inserts these attenuators into the rf chain

16Feb23: Solar atten increases xband Tsys.

    Xband astronomical observations have occasionally had saturation problems from:

    Project a4004 is doing crosses at xband and also saw some saturation across the entire band when the 8732-8968 MHz rfi was strong.
A test was made to see whether installing the solar attenuator (before the udc unit that saturates) would stop the saturation.

    The test had:

    The plots show the results of the tests (.ps) (.pdf)


processing:  x101/230216/

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