26apr21 fast sample xband spectra



   On 12apr21 12meter xband spectra were dumped at a 1millisecond rate to check on the dropouts we had seen on the oscilloscope (more info). We later found that  these dropouts were caused by the sband portion of the signal saturating the system (probably the  Fiber tx ?). On 26apr21 we  retook some fast dump spectra with the sband signal terminated (at the input to the postamp chassis in 50 ohms).
     The setup we used was:

Processing the data

Displaying the results

Total power time series for each freq band (.ps) (.pdf)

Total power spectra: polA   (.ps)  (.pdf)

Total power spectra: polB   (.ps)  (.pdf)

Blowup of the total power spectra (.ps)  (.pdf)


processing: x101/210426/p12mfastsample.pro

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