motor torques


220121: azswing -180 to 360 and back with el=60deg

220121:azswing with el=60deg

    On 21jan22 carlos and wilson were checking the limit switches on the 12meter when then heard a noise as the azimuth motor passed by the ladder that is used to access the hub. Later that day i did an azimuth swing to take a look at the motor torques.
The swing used:

The telescope position, currents are recorded once a second. The motor current measures the torque applied.

The plots show the motion (.ps) (.pdf)

When  the azimuth encoder is 306 deg (-64)  one of the azimuth motors is over the pedestal door. Moving CCW then moves the motor closer to the ladder. Looking at the current vs azimuth, there is no large jumps from -64 to -74 degrees.


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