last updated 11may22

links to complete unidrive controller manuals

Unidrive SP UserGuide (.pdf)
Unidrive advanced users guide (.pdf)
SM-Applications modules and motion processors (.pdf)

controller addresses and pages
220511  trip on azimuth slave controller

12meter manual debugging pages

Controller addresses and pages

    We have 3 motor controllers.
 Each controller has up to 3 slots for add on cards mounted from the front side below the menu buttons:

  looking at the huffman box through the open door:(see electrical schematic page 4)

220511: slave controller tripping with sl1.err

220526 update:




    This has happened a few times now.

When the trip occurred: What i tried to do:

What i think is happening.

It looks like the problem is the trip codes 10.20 are archived in 10.20 -> 10.29  but the detailed code 15.50 is only the current value

If this happens again:

12meter page