lbn system performance Sep01 to Aug02


    The lband narrow cals were recomputed on jul02.  On 26apr03 I reran all of the calibration scans for sep01 thru jul02 using the cal values of jul02. The system performance was then computed. It included:  gain, tsys, sefd, beam width, coma, 1st sidelobes, beam efficiency and pointing error.   The data was taken at 1300, 1375, 1415, and 1500 Mhz with about 500  points at each frequency using 57 sources (most of the sources were not complete tracks across the dish). On 21aug02 the lbn narrow horn was moved to the correct focus position so the system performance changed.
    All measurements with gains below 6 K/Jy  and above 13K/Jy were removed. This got rid of sources of unknown or bad flux. It reduced the total number of measurements from 2419 to 2332.

Gain,Tsys, SEFD, and average beam width:

Coma, 1stSidelobe, MainBeamEfficiency, MainBeam+1stSideLobe beam efficiency.

Pointing Error (asecs):

    The large pointing error was corrected in feb03 when a new pointing model was made.
processing: x101/lb/sep01_aug02/